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Transcript Request

Student records follow the student from school to school at the DOE. Your last school, or current school, is always the best place to start when looking for student records, including transcripts. You can request your records at any time using the instructions in the following sections. We do not provide duplicate diplomas.

Current Students

If you are a student currently attending a DOE school, you may request a transcript from your guidance counselor at any time.

Former Students

Former students must print and fill out the Student Records Request Form, below, to make a request for records, including transcripts.
If you are a former student of any school that has ever been on the Erasmus Campus please email [email protected] to request a transcript or other school records. Please include your full name, date of birth, the documents you are requesting (transcript, medical record, etc), the year(s) you attended the school or the year you graduated. Please also indicate how you want the documents sent you, if you want them mailed out please include the address you need them sent to. Please allow 7-10 business day for each request to be fulfilled. 
If you are the parent or guardian of a student under the age of 18, you can ask for a transcript from your child’s school by making a written request. When a student is 18 or older, the DOE will only honor transcript requests from the student. Students can give written permission to access records.
(Open external link) to find your school’s information and navigate their website. You can request records electronically, by mail, or in-person.

Changing Your Name and Other Information in Your Records

If you are a current student and need your name or other information changed in your records, reach out to your school.
If you are a former student and have changed your name since leaving the DOE, your school will provide you a new transcript, diploma, and other records with your current name. Contact your last school as described in the “Permanent Records” section of the Guidelines to Support Transgender and Gender Expansive Students for more information. These procedures also apply to former students who have changed their name for other reasons. If you need other information changed in your records, contact your last school.