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College Now is a FREE college transition/dual enrollment program for New York City Department of Education high school students.Dual-enrollment programs can give you an added advantage in the college admissions process by preparing you for the rigors of college coursework and awarding you credits that count toward your degree 
Successful College Now students can start their first semester in college with up to fifteen college credits – or, at minimum, begin college without remediation. On average, College Now alumni transfer more credits to CUNY (4.72 vs. 0.70), earn more credits in their first semester (11.51 vs. 8.73), and have a higher GPA after their first semester when compared to students who did not participate in the program. The academic momentum they gain persists through graduation as College Now alumni have an eight percent higher three-year associate degree and six-year bachelor’s degree completion rate in CUNY than those who did not participate the program. 
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