Instructor: Ms. Hamilton                     Phone: 718-564-2551 or (856) 485-0746 

Room: 2E12 Email:

Course Objective and Description: US History is a high school course designed for students who have completed other courses in history.  This is a four semester course that emphasizes understanding the relationships among things that have occurred throughout our countries existence and using those relationships, along with your present life experiences, to learn how things relate.  

U.S. History 11th Grade
Unit 1 Colonial America
Unit 2 American Revolution
Unit 3 Civil War
Unit 4 Reconstruction
Unit 5 Progressive Era 
Unit 6 American Imperialism & World War I
Unit 7 Prosperity & Depression: 1920's & 1930's 
Unit 8 World War II

Student Responsibilities:  Students are expected to take an active role in their learning!  An active learner:

  • Does all assigned DO NOW’s, EXIT TICKETS, class work, and homework, on time.

  • Comes to class prepared.

  • Takes notes during class lectures and discussions.

  • Completes make-up work when absent.

  • Studies for tests and quizzes.

  • Seeks help when needed.

  • Observes HHSL and classroom rules.

Grading Policy:  You will receive a grade for each of the marking periods, however your final grade at the end of each semester will be cumulative.

  • Multiple Assessments (50%):  

  • Tests/Quizzes Tests and quizzes are methods of assessment to demonstrate your mastery of the US History content presented and studied in class.  

  • Quizzes may be given weekly and, at times, will include a graded homework assignment that is unannounced (my version of a POP Quiz).  Hint: Quiz questions are often problems that we have completed in class or as homework – it is important to review your notes!

  • Tests will be given at the end of EVERY unit/chapter and will be a significant portion of your grade. Test dates will be announced giving you plenty of time to review the lesson notes and homework problems.  

  • Essays/ Projects/ Presentations

  • Participation (35%)

  • Groupwork/Classwork: You will be graded on your daily participation in class discussions, questions asked and answered, DO NOW and Problem of the Day, board work, support for classmates and you overall effort and accuracy.     Participation is expected and required.  Each student is expected to put forth their best effort in all class activities and to show courtesy, respect and consideration to your peers and instructors.  Lack of participation, disruptive behavior, or failure to follow directions will not be tolerated.  Moreover, unexcused absences and lateness will negatively affect your participation grade.

  • Notebooks are required for all students and must be brought to math class every day.  This class requires that you have one notebook for class notes and another SEPARATE notebook for your homework.   You may use a loose leaf binder or a spiral/composition notebook with a separate folder.  There should not be any work from other classes in your hisory notebook!  Points will be taken off of your classwork grade if other class work is found.

  • Groupwork/Projects may be assigned periodically throughout the year.  

  • Homework (15%): Homework will be assigned DAILY, to be completed in your homework notebook.  Homework should not be done on the back of class notes, DO NOWS, etc.  The purpose of homework is not to burden you or give you busy work, but to reinforce the lesson objective of the day.  On most nights, the homework amount will not exceed reading several pages of a chapter/unit.  Homework may not be collected/graded daily, but it is still your academic responsibility to complete it to the best of your effort.  Homework is graded on a combination of your effort, completeness and neatness, as well as the overall accuracy. You must show all work; no credit will be given for answers only or homework that is not completed in your homework notebook (unless otherwise indicated!)  Late homework WILL NOT be accepted, except for in the case of an excused absence.  

Missed Classes and Make-up Work:  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your make-up work from your instructors or a classmate.  The number of days given to complete make-up work will depend on the number of days absent.  All make-up work must be turned in within the allotted time without penalty. Make-up tests will only be given afterschool or during a lunch period. Missed quizzes can be made up within 2 days. Good attendance is of the utmost importance in any class and especially US History, since the concepts build upon each other.  We realize that absences are sometimes necessary, but please keep the ones you can control to a minimum so that you have the best chance to succeed and reach your goals and our goals.

Required Supplies:

  • 3-ring binder OR spiral notebook with a separate folder

  • Folder with prongs in the middle (do now/ exit ticket)

  • Homework notebook

  • Loose-leaf paper

  • Pencils, pens and erasers

  • Highlighters

Discipline Code and Class Rules:  Should the need for discipline arise, it will be handled in a fair and private manner.  Consequences will be based on the infraction and could be a verbal or written warning, after-school or Saturday detention, calling home, suspension from class trips and/or school or administrative actions.  Students are expected to listen and follow directions at all times and to behave in a respectful manner so that you and your classmates can learn.  In this class, there are a few specific rules that must be followed in order to ensure a safe and welcoming learning experience for everyone:

Come prepared, on time and ready to work

Listen quietly while others are speak.  Raise your hand when you have something to contribute.

Always respect your peers, teachers, materials and self.  Ask and answer questions and be willing to make and learn from mistakes.

Stay seated, focused and on task. History class is for history work.

School rules must be followed at all times.

Academic Honesty:  It is of the upmost importance that all students complete and turn in their own work.  Cheating or plagiarism on classwork, homework, quizzes, tests or any other assignments will not be tolerated.  All students involved will be given an immediate zero for the work and referred to appropriate administration.