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Mr. Gold's Participation in Government classes

     Our course examines the history, structure, and functioning of the national, state, and local levels of United States government.   The U.S. Constitution is the document which safeguards our rights and freedoms.  The courts make decisions which ensure that each citizen gets to enjoy the same degree of these rights and freedoms as every other citizen.  Each state has its own constitution which is unique to the citizen of that state only.  However, even though state governments have certain powers which even the national government does not, no state constitution nor state law can contradict the U.S. Constitution.  
     At the national, state, and local levels, government powers are separated into three equally powerful branches with different jobs to do: executives enforce the law, legislators make the law, and judicial decides the acceptability of the law.  Checks and balances keep the playing field between the branches to avoid deadlocking the functioning of our government.  Students are encouraged and learn how to register to vote and to be an active participant in the political process.