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Ms. Garza

Mrs. Garza (aka. Captain Fashionista) is the best math teacher of all time.  She teaches algebra ALL DAY EV'R DAY. Do not be late to her class because you will be missing out on so much FUN mathematics!

    • Check grades.
    • Identify missing homework assignments. Home work is assigned Monday through Thursday!
    • Message class instructor.
    • Great archive of How To videos.
    • Practice problems (with answers) and examples arranged by subject and topic geared towards Regents preparation.
    • Practice assignments created by class instructor
  • Dial A Teacher:  212-777-3380
    • FREE help with homework!
    • Call for help in any subject area!
    • Monday – Thursday from 4 pm – 7pm
    • Regents level practice problems with solutions

Problem Solving (1st Period)
  • Current Unit:  Factoring and Quadratic Functions 
  • Upcoming Event(s):  Unit test probably around Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Common Core Algebra (2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th Period)
  • Current Unit:  Linear Functions
  • Upcoming Event(s):  Unit test Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Common Core Algebra Semester 3 (7th Period)
  • Current Unit:  Linear Functions, Systems of Linear Functions, Elements of Functions
  • Upcoming Event(s):  Test Friday 
    • domain, range, 
    • elements of a linear function, 
      • Slope
      • Writing the equation of a line
    • systems of linear equations
      • Solving by graphing
      • Solving by substitution
      • Solving by elimination
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