Parent Handbook 2020/21



Dear Parents,

The High School for Service and Learning is committed to partnering with our parents and families to provide our students with a continuation of their education, as best we can, during this difficult time without overwhelming students or their families.
This handbook is designed to provide you with essential information you will need to help us accomplish our goal. Our hope is that this handbook provides the building blocks for a system that can be expanded should the closure/hybrid model of schools.
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As the information regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing, this plan will be updated as needed. All major updates to the plan will be posted on the HSSL website and communicated via Robo calls, Remind App, Social Media platforms and email. Therefore, you should check these outlets frequently. School or class specific changes to the plan will be communicated via the principal or classroom teacher.
In closing thank you for your diligence, patience and continued support
Sincerely yours,

Denese Farkas

Principal, High School for Service and Learning