Online Algebra – Mr. Tran

Create Khan Academy account using your personal or HSSL gmail account

Watch this video to know how to create and access your assignments. Connect to the class by 3/20/20 to receive your assignments. The code is JKHWXFTV.

Google classroom codes/ khan academy

  • School day: lpt7bgy / JKHWXFTV
  • Saturday: academy: 4l36ax2 / NQVKDZWK
  • we will use google classroom as a platform to communicate and attendance and khan academy for math work.

Tips for Success

  • When finished watching instructional videos, click next so it will mark for completion. Skipping video won’t be marked as completed.
  • Try many times on your quiz until you get at least 80%.
  • When you are stuck, look at the hints or re-watch the video.
  • Do a few modules everyday.
  • Create a virtual study group.
  • Focus on mastery of the skills not incorrect response.

Weekly Lesson Pacing

  • Multiplying polynomials
  • Factoring
  • Solving quadratic by factoring
  • Quadratic standard form
  • Transforming quadratic functions

Assignments are due every week on Friday. Grade will be entered accordingly on pupil path. Assessments will be input with percentage scores appear on Khan academy. Videos and articles will be marked on the following scales.

4 – Complete everything (100%)

3 – Complete most (75%) assignments

2 – Complete some (50%) assignments

1 – Complete little (25%) to no assignments

“Once you are successfully complete these challenges, you shall be ready for college work. I believe in you.” Mr. Tran

3/23/20 Understanding this calamity has exerted tremendous stress on everyone, make sure that you and your family is safe and healthy. You can structure your time based on your own schedule and your family’s needs, as long as you finish assignment by the deadline. Help your family while you are at home. Do not go outside unless you need to get essential items such as like food. No gathering in the park. I will reward you for your positive attitude, helpfulness, and hard work.

3/26/20 students are given extension to complete this week’s work. Be sure to finish by 4/3/20. After that time, new work will be assigned. I am doing my best so you don’t feel overwhelmed by other subjects’ work. You need to do you due diligence. The future is in your hands.

Free TI-84 on computer or phone

You may struggle with math on your own but you need to know how to use graphing calculator to increase your chance of passing the regents.

Saturday Academy

All students need to learn how to use graphing calculator. There are many youtube videos available as a resource for you. All work has been assigned up until 4/20. Students who are taking Algebra and attending Saturday Academy, you work on the same assignment with extra support; no extra work.


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