Hello Living Environment and Pre-Med Students,

We will be using several websites in order to access the Living Environment & Pre-Med material. I will include directions, and links to videos to my handouts. All handout must be ‘turn in’ on Google Classroom or Castle Learning for an actual grade. Please look for class announcements and Pacing Calendar on Google Classroom! If you have questions pertaining to class assignment or websites please contact me at : bmartinez@hsslnyc.org.

The websites we will be using are: Google Classroom and Castle Learning.


Pre-Med: smvgcfp

LE Period 3: whnqrip

LE Period 4: 7bervkz

LE Period 6: f6vxqzb

LE Period 7: tcfibf6

LE Regents Prep Course ( Extended Day): 4eptyu3

LE Regents Credit Recovery ( Extended Day): 4xwe7cd