Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well, safe and following the CDC guidelines. As you may have recently heard, we are transitioning to a remote learning model, set to begin on Monday, March 23rd. I have sent each of you an email invite to join me on google classroom.

Sometime this week, I will be sharing a remote learning calendar that I will use to inform you of what we are doing each day. Add it to your google drive if needed. This calendar is a way that I can hold you accountable and ensure that you complete all required work. Many of the assignments will be independent and submitted onto google classroom.

I plan to host office hours via google hangouts, just in case you have questions about an assignment, and as always, you can contact me through email at anytime. As juniors and seniors, you are very much aware that it is your responsibility to maintain a good average and pass all of your classes to graduate, so please make sure to complete your assignments even when we are going through this unprecedented time.

Ms. Juarez