Hello Math, Science, and Service Learning Students!

Remote Learning will be held on Google Classroom (except for 5th period Algebra w/ Mr. Tran and myself.) Invitations to join the classroom have been sent to students, but if you are still having difficulty, please use the codes below to log into the appropriate class:

Earth Science Period 1: hs5bmax Living Environment Period 2: obidepa Algebra Period 4: fl3wzwn Algebra Period 5: (on Khan Academy) JKHWXFTV Service Learning Period 6: nzypjdj

Reminder: Quizzes and Tests will continue to be posted on Castle Learning in Algebra with Mr. LoConte & Earth Science with Mr. Oshogbor

Tips for Success

  • Check Google Classroom and Khan Academy daily (Monday-Friday)
  • Watch videos and use the posted resources to help you complete assignments.
  • Keep a calendar or agenda to keep track of due dates.
  • Focus on mastery of the skills not the incorrect response.
  • Reach out when you need help! hhunter@hsslnyc.org or message me on Google classroom