• We will be using several websites in order to access the Global History & Geography material. But I will always include the links in the handouts.
  • Commonly Used websites: Schoology, Google Classroom, Youtube
  • You will notice some handouts were completed prior. It is required and useful to do these assignments again on Google Classroom for studying purpose and pratice.


Schoology: Global Section 2: TQQX-2GTW-HG53R The majority of students are already logged into this website & have registered for Global Section 2 already. But there are a few students who have not. I will attach the link below.

Schoology: Global Credit Recovery: 8FJV-4CCW-CX2M3 Only a handful of students have started to log in for this course. Please sign in a create an account.


Global Edited: (These students normally grab these handouts in class: Lgkpa6i Global Period 2: 7acxvuj Global Period 3: Z6cgpcr Global Period 4:66fxq4g Global Credit Recovery (Afterschool): Kgpb4nr Global English Language Learners: 3k63kzu