Online Algebra – Mr. Tran

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Watch this video to know how to create and access your assignments. Connect to the class by 3/20/20 to receive your assignments. The code is JKHWXFTV.

Tips for Success

  • When finished watching instructional videos, click next so it will mark for completion. Skipping video won’t be marked as completed.
  • Try many times on your quiz until you get at least 80%.
  • When you are stuck, look at the hints or re-watch the video.
  • Do a few modules everyday.
  • Create a virtual study group.
  • Focus on mastery of the skills not incorrect response.

Weekly Lesson Pacing

  • Multiplying polynomials
  • Factoring
  • Solving quadratic by factoring
  • Quadratic standard form
  • Transforming quadratic functions

“Once you are successfully complete these challenges, you shall be ready for college work. I believe in you.” Mr. Tran